A Song of Rubber and Asphalt: Game of Thrones Parking Lot Edition Part 2!

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Parking
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Wow, so I really didn’t think I was going to be doing a follow-up on the Richard III story, but here we are. In what seems like a scene out of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the remains of an as yet unidentified medieval knight or noble were discovered this week under a parking lot at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland while construction was being done there. In addition to the 6′ tall remains (tall for medieval Europeans), an intricately carved sandstone slab, several other human burial plots and a variety of artifacts were discovered.


Famous archaeologist/adventurer Edinburgh MacJones discovering King Arthur (Editor’s Note: some or more likely all of this caption was made up by the author).

The remains are being examined by an osteo-archaeologist to glean as much data as can be had from the remains, hopefully telling us the knight’s age at time of death as well as the age of the remains themselves, cause of death (Vegas odds are in a dead heat between “horrible disease” and “something sharp and/or pointy”), and the gender. Radiocarbon dating is also being employed, and art and sculpture experts are examining the sandstone slab that was protecting the remains.Local officials were very excited about the find and any insights it may give into local history and culture, and folks at the University of Edinburgh were having a full-on geekgasm over the find, with the university’s archaeology department and the site researchers noting that many of them had unwittingly walked over the remains while studying at the University and stating that they were all  “looking forward to post excavation analyses that will tell us more about the individual buried there.” Just imagine everyone in the department doing a simultaneous freeze-frame jumping high-five with each other like a bad 80’s commercial and you’ve got the right idea.

Soon, we’ll have some answers as to who this person was and how they ended up in that grave. I can’t help but wonder what famous figures and artifacts from U.S. history are lying unknown beneath some parking lot or garage; I mean I always assumed that Jimmy Hoffa was buried under one (intentionally), but for all you know the next time you park your car you be sitting right on top of one of history’s mysteries.


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