Posted: January 28, 2013 in Parking

Apparently even being a millionaire celebrity doesn’t spare you from parking grief . . .


Two of R & B’s biggest stars — one much-loved, the other much less so — got into a fight this morning outside of a Westlake recording studio, reports TMZ. Frank Ocean and Chris Brown reportedly got into a fight over one of the most valuable items known to denizens of Los Angeles: a good parking space.

According to TMZ, who seemingly only spoke to people associated with Brown, Ocean started it:

As Chris went to leave [the studio], Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. The sources say Frank said, ‘This is my studio, this is my parking spot.’ We’re told Chris went to shake Frank’s hand … and that’s when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris … one of Chris’ friends jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend … Frank then came at Chris … Chris pushed him away and they started brawling.

Ocean took to…

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