Airport parking that won’t break your travel budget

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Parking

She’s exactly right, the airports overcharge for parking a LOT. One option she doesn’t mention is that instead of staying at a hotel, you can just park at a private facility that will shuttle you to the airport and pick you up on your return. I usually use when I travel since it doesn’t require a reservation and they’ve got coupons for close to a hundred facilities.

Jenn Strathman

When most people book a flight, they search and search for the cheapest fare. With airfares skyrocketing, people are holding out longer. Some are even driving several hours to a different airport to save money. Once you book that flight, are you applying the same research tools to save money on parking? Spend ten minutes before you leave for the airport to save big bucks.

We drove to Pittsburgh for our wedding and honeymoon because Cleveland flights are simply astronomical. We saved $600 just on our return trip by flying out of Pittsburgh rather than Cleveland, but our return flight didn’t arrive until almost midnight. We didn’t want to drive home at that hour, and we were going to be gone for sixteen days. With a hotel and parking, it doesn’t take long for the expenses to eat away at your savings.

Sixteen days of parking at the airport would cost $128. I…

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